Take Action

Take Action

Over 1.8 million pounds of recyclable paper, containers, and compostable material is being sent to the landfill each year from NC State University. While our University has extensive recycling, composting, and reuse programs in place, there is still more to be done.

Here are some simple steps you can take to help divert more materials away from the landfill:

Just say no to unnecessary goods in your life. Refuse items that can harm you, the environment, and/or the people involved with manufacturing those products.

Make do with items you already own! If you need to buy something, shop second-hand stores and/or look for items that have long life spans.


Avoid plastic bags and bring your own! They hold more, are more durable, and keep disposable bags out of the landfill.


Carry a reusable bottle &/or cup with you to avoid purchasing more plastics and throwing away single-use cups into the landfill.

Make use of the many thrift stores, nonprofits, and craft centers that will accept your unwanted materials! Donate your skills and time to organizations that support your values.

Avoid single-use batteries! Rechargeable batteries will save you money (in the long run) and protect the environment from the production & disposal of traditional batteries in the landfill.

Food scraps, paper towels, & other compostable materials can all be diverted from the landfill by composting! This protects our planet from harmful greenhouse gasses and also creates rich soil amendments to grow greener/safer lawns and food for our campus.

Use your voice & your dollar to request local businesses be more sustainable! Ask them to eliminate plastics &/or disposables; turn to recyclable or compostable goods; keep straws "upon request" only! Support businesses that listen to your feedback.

Sort your stuff! Make use of the mixed item, cardboard, and electronics recycling bins available at every building on campus. Use our Recycling Guide! Also look for items made with recycled content when purchasing new items.


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Run with the Pack and make your sustainability #STATEment.

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