Bring Your Own

Bring Your Own

Reduce your waste and reliance on single-use disposables! Bring Your Own (cup, bag, spork, straw, you name it!) while on campus and help the Wolfpack strive for zero waste.



  • 585,773 lbs. of drink containers and cups are sent to the landfill each year on campus!
  • Help us avoid the waste and BRING YOUR OWN!
  • Save the planet and save money!


  • 28,010 lbs. of retail plastic bags are sent to the landfill each year on campus!
  • Avoid plastic bags by taking reusable bags when shopping!
  • Clean & dry plastic bags can only be recycled at local grocery stores.
  • BYO bag and refuse single-use plastics!

BYO Whatever You Need

  • 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans every year.
  • What are you tossing in the landfill or recycling each day?
  • Is there a reusable option for what you are putting in the bin?
  • BYO (whatever) and save the planet!