Office Recycling Support

office-supportWaste Reduction and Recycling offers many free and billable services to the campus community. These office recycling services can be requested through the Service Request Form or by contacting us.

For detailed information on confidential pick-up or office and department clean outs, click on the drop down menus below.

We offer confidential pick-up service of up to 10 boxes per department per month for free. If more than 10 boxes are required, please submit an account/work order to Waste Reduction and Recycling for billing.

  • Material picked-up is held securely until it is ready to be transported to a local recycling center
  • The documents are bundled and shipped to an affiliate recycling location where the ink is removed from the documents. New materials are made from the paper following the ink removal.
  • This is not a shredding service and should not be used for items that are required to be shredded.
  • Confidential material can be PAPER ONLY. Please place the material into boxes (no bigger than a banker’s box or copy paper box).
  • Please make sure to label each box or cart CONFIDENTIAL.
  • Please note that someone must sign for the materials at the time of pick-up.

Up to 10 clean out carts can be delivered at no cost in order to recycle paper, books, journals, magazine and reusable office supplies. Office clean outs generally utilize 1-3 carts; larger/departmental clean outs will require more coordination with WRR.

  • Please contact us as early as you can to schedule service.
  • For small clean outs (1-3 carts), WRR will deliver bins to an office. Contact us for removal once your clean out is complete.
  • For larger &/or department clean outs (4+ carts), WRR will deliver bins to an arranged location. It is the responsibility of the building occupants to return the carts to that site where they will be rotated out with empty carts by WRR.
  • Once your department clean out is completed, contact WRR to have the carts removed.
  • Bins can also be designated for reusable office supplies, such as folders, binders and desk accessories for WRR to collect and donate to students each year.
  • Please do not use hallway bins or walkway bins to dispose of your material.
  • Breakdown cardboard and take to an exterior cardboard dumpster; take trash to an exterior landfill dumpster.
  • Recycle small electronics in the yellow electronic recycling cart outside your building
  • Contact EH&S for hazardous material pick-ups, such as paint & chemicals.
  • Contact University Surplus Property Services for University owned property and/or disposal of bulk items.
  • WRR does not provide bags for recycling &/or landfill.
  • Please note that clean-out carts may be difficult to move when completely full. We recommend not filling them to the top to make transporting easier.

Paper Shredding

We do not offer shredding services and cannot issue a Certificate of Destruction. There are numerous vendors that come to campus for confidential pick-ups and shredding. If you use an outside vendor, please communicate with us the amount (weight) of paper being shredded. Our office is responsible for tracking all material disposed/recycled at NC State even if we do not take care of the collection.

Site Evaluation

If your office or department would like to change the amount, location, or type of landfill or recycling bins currently in place, please fill out the the Service Request Form or contact us. We will be happy to work with you on any changes that will best serve your building.