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The Great Waste Audit for

Service Raleigh 2020 has been canceled.


As part of Service Raleigh, NC State University will host the Great STATE Waste Audit. Volunteers for this project will have the opportunity to meet new people and make a difference, for our community and our planet!


Waste audits provide NC State University with meaningful data on which programs and policies can be improved or created to achieve the University’s sustainability goals of a 70% diversion rate. This audit will consist of sorting a sample of the waste-to-landfill & compost dumpsters used at Talley Student Union to determine the types and quantities of recoverable materials currently being disposed of…you may be thinking, “yuck!”, but honestly, this is a really fun & memorable experience. If you are interested in sustainability and how to truly impact our planet’s health– this is the event for you!

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Waste Audit Event Details


Check In Time / Location: 8:30 am,  Sullivan Shops III, 630 Motor Pool Street, NC State University, Raleigh

Waste Audit Start Time/ Location: 9:00 am, Sullivan Shops III, 630 Motor Pool Street, NC State University, Raleigh

Waste Audit End Time /Lunch Location: est. 12:30 pm, Sullivan Shops III, 630 Motor Pool Street, NC State University, Raleigh

End Time: by 1:30 pm


  • Wear comfortable clothing & sturdy shoes
  • Remember your sunscreen, hat, and sunglasses
  • Bring a water bottle
  • You’ll want both hands free, so use a comfortable knap-sack to carry any personal items
  • Parking will be difficult around Talley. You may want to park at the Wolf Village Lot off of Sullivan Drive then walk to Talley Student Center for check-in. The Wolf Village lot is located across the street from the Sullivan Shops III.
  • The Rt. 7 Wolflink Shuttle is operating on Saturday, April 13. It runs every 30 minutes and stops at Wolf Village, Sullivan Drive (in front of Admin), behind Talley at Yarborough Drive (use the tunnel to cross to Talley), and at Carmichael (Talley is just up the street).


Please visit
Please note – there are many other service projects that are a part of Service Raleigh and we cannot guarantee that you will be selected for the Great STATE Waste Audit.

2019 Waste Audit Results

The rain couldn’t keep (all of) our Service Raleigh volunteers away! While we needed to cancel the Great STATE Clean Up, the Waste Audit was able to go on! On Saturday, April 13th, we sorted 604.5 pounds of waste-to-landfill and 129.5 pounds of recycling to determine what could be diverted through composting, recycling, and reuse, AND what truly should have been placed in the landfill and recycling dumpster! Their work provided some wonderful data which will help us improve our education, programs, and policies to reach NC State’s sustainability goal of a 70% diversion rate.