ZWW at Carter-Finley – Gameday Details

During the Game: Volunteer Details

Thank you for volunteering during the game! Here is what you can expect on gameday:

Before You Arrive

Bring a water bottle! Water stations are available to refill your bottle during your shift if needed.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing! Volunteers will be doing a lot of standing and walking! Shifts last the duration of the game (est. 3.5 – 4 hrs.) For your volunteer shift, please make sure that you wear both comfortable shoes and clothing. Check the weather forecast- we rarely cancel for heat or rain, so dress appropriately!

Be sun safe! Remember to wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

Read the Clear Bag PolicyEnsure that you are ONLY bringing a clear tote Plastic, vinyl, or PVC that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”, 1 Gallon re-sealable, clear, plastic storage bags and small purses/clutches that do not exceed 6.5” x 4.5” will be permitted into the stadium.

Getting to the Stadium

Traffic is very heavy on gamedays, so factor this in when traveling to Carter-Finley Stadium.

Please note that the Red Terror Service (bus line from campus- click the link for rules) is the easiest way to get to & from the stadium. It is recommended that you get in line at least 45 minutes prior to the start of your shift to be on time (or earlier depending on the game & rival team).

For those volunteers approved for parking permits, these will be made available for pick up at our office during the week leading up to gameday and on gameday itself. Permits are not guaranteed and based upon availability, so please take the Red Terror or carpool if possible. It is a 20-30 minute walk from these parking locations to the Zero Waste Wolfpack meet-up location.


NC State also provides a golf-cart transportation service called the Wolfpack Express. This service starts 90 minutes prior to kickoff and picks up on Trinity Rd. off of Blue Ridge and delivers directly to Gate 11.

Starting Your Shift

Volunteers will meet 30 minutes prior to kickoff at Carter-Finley’s Gate 11, service vehicle entrance. Staff will meet you there with stadium credentials to enter the stadium.

At check-in, volunteers will be provided with a

  1. Zero Waste Wolfpack t-shirt to wear during their shift
  2. Sorting guide for recycling, compost, and landfill
  3. Disposable gloves & extra compost bags.

Working alone or in pairs, volunteers will be assigned to a Zero Waste Station. Your goal is to interact and educate fans on which bin (recycling, compost, or landfill) they should place their waste into. Volunteers are also tasked with being a “compost goalie” in order to keep the compost bins free of contamination.

Here are some volunteer tips:


  • Carter-Finley has been composting on the concourse since 2014 — Fans expect volunteers to assist, so don’t be shy about interacting with them!
  • As fans approach, look at what items are in their hands and let them know “Hi, we can recycle that [item] and compost that [item]!” then point to the appropriate bin they should be using.
  • Always stand next to the compost bin and keep “on guard”; it’s vital that fans don’t place landfill or recyclable items into the compost bin.
  • If non-compostable items are put into the compost bin, volunteers MUST pick them out! (this is why disposable gloves & pick-sticks at each station have been provided)
  • Volunteers are responsible for the COMPOST bins only- if they become full, please change the bag with the provided compostable bags.
  • Take pictures during your shift! Tag your posts with @NCStateRecycles and @PackFootball with #ZeroWasteWolfpack

As a volunteer, you will be representing NC State to our Wolfpack community- please display Wolfpack Excellence at all times!

Safety Tips

  1. Make sure you have a cell phone; staff contact information is provided in your confirmation emails. Because of the noise volume, it is helpful to text staff members with questions!
  2. Feel free to take a break and hydrate as needed.
  3. Should you encounter situations that make you uncomfortable, leave immediately and contact a staff member or police officer! Your safety is our primary concern.
  4. Police and staff members are situated throughout the stadium. Should you need assistance, please call 9-1-1 or ask them directly for help.

Ending Your Shift

Once the game is finished, wait at least 10 minutes for fans to exit. Then,

  • Do a final sort of your compost bin, removing any contamination.
  • Pull the compost bag, tie it, and then flip ONLY the compost bin upside down so it no longer can be used.
  • Bring your compost bag(s) to the check-out point

Stipends for NC State Student Organizations

Recognized NC State University student organization providing a minimum of 10 volunteers for one football game can receive a $200 stipend for volunteering; bring 15 or more and receive $300 for your student organization! Volunteers do not need to be members of your organization-  just willing to volunteer for your group. Should your group qualify, provide the following information to our office to have the stipend transferred to your account:

  • NC State Student Organization Name & Mailing Address
  • Student Contact Name, Email, and Phone Number
  • Advisor Name, Email, and Phone Number