WE Recycle – Gameday Information

Before the Game: Volunteer Details

Thank you for volunteering before the game! You will be helping our Wolfpack fans recycle right. Here is what you can expect on gameday:

Before You Arrive

Bring a water bottle! Volunteers will be doing a lot of walking! We will have a cooler of water to refill your bottle during your shift if needed.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothing! Volunteers will be doing a lot of walking! Shifts last 2 hours. For your volunteer shift, please make sure that you wear both comfortable shoes and clothing. Check the weather forecast- we rarely cancel for heat or rain, so dress appropriately!

Be sun safe! Remember to wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

Read the Clear Bag PolicyIf you plan on attending the game, ensure that you are ONLY bringing a clear tote Plastic, vinyl, or PVC that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”, 1 Gallon re-sealable, clear, plastic storage bags and small purses/clutches that do not exceed 6.5” x 4.5” will be permitted into the stadium.

Getting to the Stadium

Traffic is very heavy on gamedays, so factor this in when traveling to Carter-Finley Stadium.

Please note that the Red Terror Service (bus line from campus) is the easiest way to get to & from the stadium from campus. However, you must be in line for the 1st bus from Witherspoon Student Center to be on time for your shift. The Red Terror starts 3 hours prior to kick-off.

For those volunteers approved for parking permits, these will be made available on gameday only. Approved permit holders can pick these up at our office within a set time frame determined by the game date. It is a 20-30 minute walk from these parking locations to the Zero Waste Wolfpack Check-In/Out Location.


Starting Your Shift

Volunteers who pick-up parking permits will start their shift immediately upon parking at their approved lot at Carter-Finley Stadium. For volunteers who use the Red Terror or are dropped off, they will meet our team at the TTL Lot (pictured above). This lot is located off of Trinity Road between Stadium Gates B & C.  Stay on the sidewalk along Trinity and look for the Zero Waste Wolfpack Meet Here sign marking the TTL entrance.

To start your shift, volunteers will be provided a

  1. Zero Waste Wolfpack t-shirt to wear during their shift
  2. Zero Waste Wolfpack backpack filled with recycling bags and fan giveaway items (koozies!)
  3. Map of assigned volunteer area
  4. Staff and emergency contact information

Working in pairs, volunteers will walk through the parking lots, stopping at each tailgate location in order to provide fans with a recycling bag. Remember:

  • All bottles, cans and clean cardboard (ex. six-pack containers) can be recycled by using the provided clear recycling bag.
  • Any food covered items (ex. Bojangles boxes), food waste, and solo cups should be landfilled and placed in black trash bags. Landfill bags should only be provided upon request.
  • Tailgaters can fill the bags, tie them, and leave them on the ground for pick-up by contractors once the game is finished.

Here are some volunteer tips:

  • This program began in 2003 and is integral to our Zero Waste Wolfpack program! Fans expect a recycling bag, so don’t be shy about providing one!
  • Here is a possible script to use:  “Hi, Y’all! I have your recycling bag for all of your cans, bottles, and cardboard. Do you need 1 or 2 bags?”
  • If you notice excellent recycling behavior, reward the fans with a koozie or other giveaway product. Only give these prizes away to recyclers!
  • Take pictures of you and your partner volunteering! Tag your posts with @NCStateRecycles and @PackFootball with #ZeroWasteWolfpack

You and your partner may take several passes through the same lot; new tailgaters arrive in the lots continuously, so just keep your eyes open for fans that need bags. If you have already provided a bag to a group, feel free to skip them, or give them prizes if you notice their recycling bags are full!

As a volunteer, you will be representing NC State to our Wolfpack community- please display Wolfpack Excellence at all times! Consuming alcohol while volunteering is prohibited; volunteers who break this rule will immediately be asked to turn in their supplies and t-shirts and will not receive their game ticket or credit hours (if applicable).

Safety Tips

  1. Always volunteer in pairs.
  2. Make sure you have a cell phone; staff and emergency contact information will be provided. Because of the noise volume, it is helpful to text staff members with questions!
  3. Feel free to take a break! Hydrate frequently and rest as needed.
  4. Remember, tailgating involves alcohol for many fans. Should you encounter situations that make you uncomfortable, leave the area immediately! Your safety is our primary concern.
  5. Police are situated throughout lots. Should you need assistance, please call 9-1-1 or ask them directly for help.
  6. For general questions, Tuffy’s Paw Patrol is also situated through the lots under white tents to provide assistance.

Ending Your Shift

All volunteers should meet back at the TTL lot 30 minutes prior to kickoff. You will turn in your backpacks and receive your game ticket at this time. Please note:

  • Student tickets require an NC State student ID to be used!
  • All other tickets are assigned to a general section. Every attempt is made to seat volunteers together, but it is NOT guaranteed! We receive game tickets a few days prior to kickoff, so if this is a priority for you, please contact us.