Repurposed mailer into a flower potReuse materials whenever possible. By giving items a new life, less waste is sent to the landfill or recycled. Not only does reuse save environmental resources and landfill space, but it also saves money.


  • Before recycling or disposing of an item, you should always consider whether an item has a new life
  • Donate unwanted items whenever possible
  • Invest in reusable items
  • Shop at Surplus or local thrift stores
  • For NC State property, please contact University Surplus Property Services.


One Less Cup
Help keep disposable cups out of the landfill, bring your own cup, bottle or mug! Receive 10 cents off when you bring your reusable cup to all retail locations on campus.

Surplus Sales
Surplus sales are held twice a month and are open to the public. A wide variety of items are usually available including laboratory equipment, computers, monitors, desks, tables, office chairs and filing cabinets.

Wolf Pack N Give
Wolf Pack N Give is NC State’s student move out program that collects items and donates them to local organizations for reuse.

Office Clean Outs
Designate a bin during an office clean out for office supplies. Folders, binders and desk accessories in good condition can be reused by other departments and students on campus.