Electronics-RecyclingRecycling electronics conserves natural resources and prevents hazardous waste from entering our landfills. Computer equipment and televisions are just a few of the items banned from the landfills in North Carolina. Many of the materials that make up electronics such as plastic, copper and aluminum can be separated and recycled into new items.


The yellow bins located throughout campus at waste and recycling site are designated for electronics recycling. The bins are checked and emptied weekly by WRR staff. For NC State property, please contact University Surplus Property Services. Please remember that by law, and for your safety, remove the data stored on the device – follow the instructions for data removal via the OIT website.

For a complete list of electronics accepted on campus visit the what to do with electronics page.

Recycling Site

Recycled electronics are taken to the Dearstyne Convenience Site where they are emptied and sorted into large gaylord boxes. Once the box is full, it is delivered to University Surplus Property Services. Surplus checks the material for working vs. nonworking items and pulls out anything that can be resold or reused during the public surplus sales. Many of the nonworking items are then sent to PowerHouse Recycling. Any nonworking items that are not accepted by PowerHouse are returned to the Dearstyne Convenience site to be separated into scrap metal, wiring, rigid plastics or landfill waste.