plasticAcceptable Items

  • Plastic bottles with caps on
  • Yogurt and butter tubs
  • Plastic Souvenir cups

Unacceptable Items

  • Plastic clamshells (berry containers, to-go food containers, etc.)
  • Thin brittle plastic cups (ex. solo cups)
  • PLA cups or containers made from corn and other plant starches – these items are meant to be composted and not recycled!

Recycling Tips

  • Leave bottle caps on so they are not lost during the recycling process
  • Empty and lightly rinse before recycling
  • Plastic bags should only be recycled in designated bins specifically for plastic bags, they can damage equipment at recycling centers

Recycling Locations

  • Bottles & cans recycling bins
  • Commingled recycling bins
  • Green mixed recycling dumpsters

Why are some plastics not recyclable?

  • Clamshells and other thin brittle plastic items are not recyclable because there is not a stable market for them at this time.
  • Certain plastics also end up breaking into tiny pieces during the sorting process and end up as residual waste.