Zero Waste Wolfpack

Leading the Pack in Sustainability

Sports. Food. Fans. Waste. It’s part of the Wolfpack Nation experience, but the waste created from these events don’t disappear at the end of each game.  The Zero Waste Wolfpack programs and volunteers levarages the influence of Wolfpack Athletics to create a positive sustainable impact for both our campus and our community.

What does zero waste mean? NC State’s office of Waste Reduction & Recycling (WRR) strive for the numerical “zero”, meaning 100% of materials needing to be disposed are diverted from the landfill through recycling, compost, donations, or reuse. WRR views all waste as a potential loss of resources that would otherwise have economic and environmental benefits. Currently, the University has set a goal to achieve a 70% diversion rate; however, many of NC State’s athletic venues represent a “captive location” in which all material generated, transported, and/or disposed of inside could be diverted from the landfill through defined strategies of source reduction, programs, efficiencies and creating a shift towards waste consciousness.

The office of Waste Reduction & Recycling and NC State University Athletics looks to achieve zero waste by 2020- years ahead of the campus-wide goals set by the NC State Sustainability Strategic Plan of 70% diversion by 2022.

To learn more about our Zero Waste Wolfpack Programs, and/or to volunteer, please select one of the programs below:

                             WE Recycle                                                                                    Carter-Finley Composts