At our office we get a lot of questions about how and where particular items should be recycled or properly disposed. Simply scroll through this alphabetical list of each item what to do with those items at NC State. If the item you want to recycle is not listed, please contact our office by phone or email.



  • aluminum cans
  • clean baking pans
  • clean pie tins
  • clean aluminum foil
  • cans & bottles recycling bins
  • commingled recycling bins


  • WRR is responsible only for the autoclave waste dumpsters & their respective locations


  • ballasts



  • rechargeable batteries
  • single use batteries
  • yellow e-recycling bins

Binders & Office/ School Supplies

  • contact WRR if you have binders, office/school supplies in good condition
  • we collect these items and hold "free giveaway" days throughout the year
  • if unusable, please place in the trash


  • books can be sold to various book purchases or donated to many charitable organizations
  • if you can't find a reuse option, you may recycle a small amount (less than 5) into a paper recycling bin
  • if you have a large amount of books, please contact WRR to arrange a special pick-up


  • steel cans
  • cans & bottles recycling bins
  • commingled recycling bins


  • cardboard boxes
  • cardboard appliance boxes
  • please take out the contents from the box and flatten
  • green cardboard dumpsters


  • printer ink/toner cartridges
  • yellow e-recycling Bins

Construction & Demolition

  • concrete
  • brick
  • wood
  • metal
  • wiring

Cooking Grease/Oil

  • do not pour cooking grease/oil down the drain
  • cool your grease/oil and pour into a plastic Cease the Grease container or a glass or metal container
  • Empty the container into your designated bin located near the oudoor waste and recycling sites (E.S. King Village & Western Manor Only)


  • computers & accessories (monitors, keyboards, mice, printers, etc.)
  • televisions, VCRs, DVD players
  • cell phones & pagers
  • CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes
  • digital cameras
  • USB devices
  • cords
  • yellow e-recycling bins

Gable Top/Aseptic Cartons

  • milk cartons
  • juice boxes
  • cans & bottles recycling bins
  • commingled recycling bins


  • glass food containers
  • glass bottles
  • cans & bottles recycling bins
  • commingled recycling bins

Light Bulbs

  • light bulbs
  • CFLs
  • contact EH&S at 515-7915

  • aluminum
  • steel
  • copper
  • other metals under 8 feet
  • metals are fully recyclable and valuable!

Oil & Anti-freeze

  • motor oil
  • anti-freeze
  • EH&S or Motor Pool
  • auto parts stores and shops also generally accept used oil for little or no cost


  • newspaper
  • office paper
  • brochures
  • magazines & phone books
  • junk mail
  • paperboard
  • paper tubes
  • clean paper bags
  • spiral paper cans
  • paper recycling bins
  • commingled recycling bins

Pizza Boxes

  • pizza boxes
  • pizza slices/crust
  • paper plates
  • napkins


  • plastic bottles with caps
  • containers (except #6)
  • soft plastic beverage rings
  • cans & bottles recycling bins

Shredded Paper

  • shredded paper should be bagged and labeled
  • paper recycling bins
  • commingled recycling bins

Styrofoam (Extruded Polystyrene #6)

  • Styrofoam cannot be recycled at NC State University
  • students, faculty & staff are strongly encouraged to reduce their usage of Styrofoam products
  • please check with your local mailing facility to see if they collect Styrofoam peanuts for reuse


  • tires are only accepted from university owned vehicles

Vehicle Batteries

  • vehicle batteries are only accepted from university owned vehicles

White Goods & Furniture

  • reusable NC State University owned furniture should go through university surplus for reuse or recycling
  • non-reusable NC State University owned furniture (ex. refrigerators, microwaves, water heaters & various bulky items) should be taken to the Dearstyne Rolloff Convenience Site