Wolf Pack N Give

Wolf Pack N Give

The Wolf Pack N Give program diverts the materials often discarded from the large exodus of students at the end of each year. University Housing and NCSU Waste Reduction and Recycling collaborate to reduce waste during this period. By collecting what would have gone into the landfill, organizing the valuable items, and donating them to local organizations, "re-use" becomes a win-win. Items are donated to The Green Chair Project, Dorcas Ministries and the Feed the Pack Food Pantry

When & Where

Friday, April 25 - Sunday, May 11

Donations will be accepted at any of the Pack Rat stations on campus between the hours of 8:00 am-8:00 pm. There are also a few indoor drop off locations available. Click here to view the map of donation stations.

Acceptable items include:

  • Furniture (sorry we cannot accept futons)
  • Electronics
  • Small home goods
  • Clothing (undergarments are not acceptable)*
  • Shoes*
  • Food Items (Items should be non-perishable and un-opened. Individually wrapped items are acceptable.)
  • Books
  • Bedding (we cannot accept pillows)*
  • School supplies
  • Dish and laundry soap (these items do not need to be new, please make sure caps are properly sealed to prevent spilling)
  • Lofts and building materials used as furniture (ex. wood, metal and cement blocks)

*Ask your RA for a Wolf Pack N Give donation bag that can be filled with clothing, shoes and bedding and dropped off at your nearest donation station.

Non Re-usable items that should be trashed:

  • Rugs/Carpets (Please place these items beside your nearest dumpster for disposal. Do Not place inside the dumpsters because they cause damage to the compaction equipment.)
  • Futon Mattress
  • Pillows
  • Undergarments

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