The Waste Reduction and Recycling Office supports many other programs to further NC State's goals to reduce waste. Below are more ways to get involved in waste reduction efforts on campus, whether at the C-stores, Dining Halls or at work.

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One Less Cup

NC State University students, faculty and staff need a lot of caffeine to keep doing their excellent work. With all that caffeine comes a lot of single-use cups, so to combat this waste, University Dining, the Waste Reduction and Recycling Office and the Sustainability Office started the "One Less Cup" program. If you bring a reusable cup or mug to the Hill of Beans, any C-Store or Port City Java, you receive 10 cents off!

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Clean Plate Club and Composting in Dining Halls

In further efforts to trim down on food waste generated in dining halls, in Fall 2011, University Dining established the Clean Plate Club after noticing students sometimes overestimate the amount of second helpings they can eat. A few times a semester University Dining employees recogonize students who turn their plate in "clean" as members of the Clean Plate Club with a button and small prize. This furthers University Dining's sustainability efforts who have been composting food waste since Fall 2010.

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Self-Service Recycling

University Housekeeping and Waste Reduction and Recycling Office implemented changes in the indoor collection and handling of waste and recycling materials at NC State. Through the campus wide initiative, “Self-Service Recycling and Waste,” building occupants will now sort their deskside waste and recycling into a nearby centralized indoor collection sites. The University recognizes this initiative as a sustainable effort to reduce waste, promote reuse, and increase recycling while creating individual responsibility for best waste management practices.

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